The story behind the 432 EVO Master linear power supply


The Master power supply has three transformers on three entirely isolated circuits, there isn't a more common “big and slow” single transformer supplying power across the server using multiple secondaries. In our lab we found this approach has a hugely negative effect on sonic performance. Rather we have opted for a more costly solution of using three “smaller and faster” independent transformers, one for each of the critical sections inside the server.

A power supply with multiple rails from one transformer suffers from inductive effects between the rails and hum will be much more difficult to control. Our approach avoids it happening in the first place. A group of smaller transformers are very effective at handling fast transients. They also recover faster from current demand, and are truly independent. This has a remarkably positive effect and creates a blacker background, virtually eliminates noise and ensures minimal cross contamination between the power input and digital circuits. Housed in a custom enclosure matching the server unit, it is both totally silent and creates almost zero heat.
Our true triple linear power supply has everything triple:• Triple AC filtering• Triple shielded transformers (see below for the details).• Triple dual stage DC regulation.• Additional buffering inside the triple DC cables. The design has a low voltage drop and does not run hot and always stays cool. The same applies for the server. Our Master supply also has no audible hum.

How does the power supply compare to the prototype shown in Munich 2017?

The first showing of the Master won best of show from AVShowrooms and Hifi Pig

The new 432 EVO Master PSU is a continued development based on the prototype PSU as introduced and demonstrated in Munich 2017. Compared to the prototype, a lot of parts were improved. Here are the highlights:The PCB’s have been upgraded from single sided to double sided, with 2oz copper thickness and gold plated finish. The PSU now also features a soft on/off power circuit, which is controlled by the front panel button. The reference shunt circuit of the new PSU has been improved including better resistors with a tolerance of 0.05%. The bulk capacity of the PSU has been further increased, and the ESR value of the capacitors has been lowered. The transformers are a complete redesign, and while the former model already included electrostatic shielding, the new transformers add low & high frequency magnetic shielding, using a copper foil and an additional outer layer of 5mm anti-magnetic steel. Furthermore the transformers in the Master are designed for a certain voltage (e.g. 230 Volts), and no longer have the internal voltage switch, as we believe that less is more. One switch less and less wires coming out of the transformers, leads to a more puristic and simplified design. The transformers are therefore not the ones used in the Sbooster BOtW mk2 bundled with all other EVO servers, but a higher spec model custom for Master supply. The internal wiring has been upgraded to Teflon insulated wiring with high quality silver plated copper conductors.

The DC output cables are handmade and feature a twisted pair Teflon insulated cable with a high quality sleeve for a high-end finish. The new DC cables are now color coded to differentiate between the 9V and 12V outputs, and feature 4 pin XLR's so the backpanel outputs of the PSU cannot be accidentally be confused with regular XLR interlink cabling. Furthermore, the pin layout of the backpanel connectors also avoids accidentally swapping the 9V and 12V. The electronic design of the split-current unit at the end of the DC cable has been further improved and is now terminated with a gold plated DC plug. And last but not least, all Neutrik XLR connectors are now high-end versions with gold plated contact pins. Three high-end silver color coded DC cables are included with a length of ~ 80cm, allowing the server and PSU to be stacked, or placed on different rack shelves, or side by side. Cabling is very easy, and includes three high-end 4-pin XLR to DC connector cables, one for the server, one for the superclock board, and one for the high-end USB3 card. What do you get?When you order the 432 EVO Master from scratch, you get our best server, and the triple power supply including the triple DC cable set. Existing Aeon and High-end customers can also upgrade to the Master and keep their current investment. They trade in their existing dual supplies, then the backpanel of the server is modified for the third DC input, and software and internal parts are also upgraded to the Master standards. And off course, you’ll also get a brand new triple power supply! None of the parts of your existing Sbooster supplies are recycled into the Master supply, it’s all brand new and custom designed.