Lost in streaming?

Welcome to 432 EVO, the ultimate digital source now in reach at real world prices. Winner of many awards including best of show at Munich 2017, among best of show in 2 rooms at X-FI 2019, best if show at New Music Brussels 2019.

Warm natural analog sound from digital?

Yes it's possible thanks to our live 432 Hz plugin, which 90% prefers over the original. Purists can also enjoy one of the best bit perfect sources now on the market.432 EVO offers sublime silent music servers from the affordable entry level Standard model, followed by the High-end, the Aeon and the cost no object Master model, surpassing uber expensive CD transports. The Master also competes against more expensive server without effort.All models support Roon latest version (full Roon, not just an endpoint) and Logitech Media Server and switch between both in 10 seconds. With a bit perfect TEAC rip drive, up to 8TB SSHDD, Real-time Kernel, 10 upsample recipes, 432 Hz processing and bit perfect mode.

432 Hz tuning

432 Hz is one of the ways to tune musical instruments, and is also known as the Tuning Note “A” and A = 432. Music tuned to 432 Hz sounds better than contemporary music which is tuned at A = 440. The famous Stradivarius for example was tuned to 432 Hz according to the Verdi tuning

During historical periods when instrumental music rose in prominence (relative to the voice), there was a continuous tendency for pitch levels to rise, also known as the pitch inflation. A higher pitch such as our current A = 440 standard sounds sharper, louder and more “fresh”, but also more aggressive, which is not a quality audiophiles are looking for.

The 432 EVO offer you the possibility to convert your existing music on the fly into the better sounding 432 Hz, without any resolution loss. Several best of show awards we have won are the ultimate proof, and recent research by Maria Renold and a group of 2000 people showed that 90% preferred 432 Hz.

For purists we still offer bit perfect mode on par with the best CD transports, or upsample only mode for those who want to tune the sound. All these modes are live switchable.