Music server brand 432 EVO launches its renewed 2021 versions of the AEON and MASTER models and now includes bonus features for all models.

For both AEON and MASTER Superclock based models, the 2021 versions of these models now include an improved clock board which drives the separate high-end USB output board, allowing the 432 EVO to be connected to an external USB DAC in the best possible way. No reclocking USB hubs are used. The HIGH-END model will receive the same USB output board, but with integrated clock instead of a separate dedicated clock board. 432 EVO also supports high-end speakers with a USB DAC input, and processors / pre-amps / integrated amps with a USB DAC input.
Existing customers can upgrade the clock in their unit to the latest spec by contacting their local reseller in the first instance. The new clock has already been rolled out to several customers.

New mainboard

432 EVO has been using the fastest version of the Intel Apollo Lake for some time in AEON and MASTER models, which was already faster than the N4200 SOC’s used by many music server brands which also feature a low power consumption.
From April 2021, the MASTER, AEON and HIGH-END models will now feature the fastest Gemini Lake Refresh system on chip from Intel which was released in Q4 2020. This chip is 75% to 100% faster than the N4200 (depending on the benchmark used).
The STANDARD model will also have a faster CPU compared to any 432 EVO model from 2020, and all units are now equipped with 8 GB RAM, of which a fraction is used under normal audiophile use.
There is no more need to specify the HWBOOST option, as all models now come with this from factory.
432 EVO will continue using system on chip based designs for the mainboards because of much lower EMI and RF compared to full desktop, or server CPU’s which emit a lot more RF, which has been measured in the lab with microwave radiation meters. SOC’s also help the EVO chassis to stay cool under all conditions, even under full load.

Improved cabling

All models except the entry level STANDARD model will now be equipped with an uprated internal PCI express cable, which is now more robust, EMI shielded with a conducting polymer and rated for up to 8 gigabit transmission.
While the dedicated USB output card does not require such extreme bandwidth for audio, the sound quality difference is noticeable compared to the previous non shielded cable.

Full SSD on custom 3D printed spring suspension mounts

All 432 EVO models are now equipped with 2 TB Samsung SSDs. Any model can also be equipped with 4 TB or 8 TB SSDs.
On models continued in 2021, the SATA is also noise filtered, and SATA protocol tuning is also applied in our flagship products.
We also kept the spring suspension system as it also protects the SSD against mechanical shocks during transport, and now we custom 3D print this part.

Roon 1.8

All recent 432 EVO models including the entry level STANDARD model, now can run Roon 1.8 with improved metadata capabilities.
432 EVO has received a lot of positive feedback, and Roon running on 432 EVO is full Roon Core (not an endpoint) combined with 432 EVO’s own sublime player which supports bitperfect, or upsample mode with 10 custom tuneable filters – combined with or without the 432 Hz feature.
On AEON & MASTER Roon actually runs on dedicated CPU cores with its own realtime tuning, and the player and base OS each run on separate CPU cores for optimal software jitter tuning.

Essence model discontinued

The Essence model is the only 432 EVO model with a high-end DAC built-in. Unfortunately this DAC is no longer produced, and therefore the model is being discontinued in it’s current form.
There is still some remaining stock, so please contact your reseller for availability of our all-in-one model.

New clock for dedicated audiophile USB DAC
Gemini Lake SOC
YES Fastest refresh version Fastest refresh version Fastest refresh version
Improved PCIe cabling
Full SSD
EU Retail price
€2.900 €4.500 €6.000 €12.500