Klinkt Beter & 432 EVO

432 EVO is an audiophile music server brand founded in 2013 by our parent company Klinkt Beter, itself founded in 2008. Our background as a Linux & Network security consultancy with 20 years of experience in highly secured environments such as financial institutions, combined with our passion for high-end audio created the 432 EVO brand.

Between 2008 and 2013, Klinkt Beter operated as a high-end audio reseller in the Benelux area.

 We were not too happy with music servers & streamers on the market at that time.  Most of them were difficult to service through bad design and often lacking support from the manufacturers. They were not extensible, generally slow and invariably based on outdated software or outsourced OEM software. We therefore decided to do something about it!
We found most streaming solutions were average sounding and not as good as our cost no object CD transport we were using for demos and shows. When we discovered that 432 Hz tuning improved the playback of all of our existing music files things started to the shape. It wasn't long before we also realised 432 hz also improved playback on the most exclusive high-end systems. At this point we decided to combine our IT & audiophile knowledge into a new 432 EVO music server.
 based around 432 Hz tuning. The 432 EVO is the first music server in the world which can play both bit perfect as well as live conversion of digital music into the better sounding 432 Hz. This has been confirmed by research from Maria Renold and several others, who found 90% of listeners preferred music played at 432 Hz. Three years after designing our first music server, the 432 EVO had won Best of Show at Munich 2017, and continues to win further awards on shows such as New Music Brussels (Belgium) and X-FI (The Netherlands).
The 432 EVO range comprises servers with true audiophile USB output: an level model, the Standard, followed by the High-end, the Aeon and the cost no object Master. We also offer upgrades between these USB based models, so clients can work up the range and protect their investment. We also make the Essence, which is an all-in-one unit with built in 24/192 DAC & S/PDIF. There is an audiophile music server from 432 EVO for every budget.

 Our servers are all full Roon compatible and can also run the latest Logitech Media Server. This combined with our 432 Hz enabled player, plus the ability to play in upsample only or bit perfect mode makes our server an unbeatable solution. We support several streaming platforms such as Qobuz, Tidal and Spotify and our servers can also play internet radio.