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Tuesday, 20 January 2015 11:48

hifi-advice reviewed our 432 EVO with the last gen software (vb 2.2 mpd based).

The 432 EVO surpassed his 18.000 € Wadia, which is considered to be the best Wadia by many reviewers:

"Most obvious is the soundstage, which is just about as wide as with other music sources like the AAZ through the Aeris or the Wadia 781i direct, but a lot deeper and better layered. Indeed: better than the Wadia's soundstaging, and that's not something that happens very often."

Since the review, we have implemented the plugin from scratch to also work with vb 2.3, which is logitech LMS based. LMS clients are more user friendly than MPD clients, but probably the most important: it sounds better than what we could ever get from vb 2.2. All our dealers have upgraded.

We can now say the 432 EVO is probably the most refined music server money can buy soundwise, without being the most expensive server.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 22:24

The 432 EVO has been nominated to participate in the selection of the best network player of 2014, in the combined, Music Emotion and FWD magazine yearbook:

You can vote here:

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013 19:14

Welcome to 432 EVO, the first handmade-in-Belgium 432 Hz music server. The EVO can rip your CD's, play your existing files up to 32/768 PCM and DSD64 & DSD128 files, all in the better sounding A=432 Hz tuning. Live switching between 440 and 432 Hz. The 432 EVO suppports HDMI AUDIO up to 192K and USB 2.0 output compatible with most USB dacs. High-end options with high-end linear supply, RAM playback and spring suspension system for HDD are also available, with a dedicated USB 3.0 low noise low jitter output. 2 TB silent storage for up to 6000 CD's, extendable by an external NAS.

The 432 EVO can be controlled by both Apple and Android devices, and via any webbrowser:

Learn more about all 432 EVO models / editions.

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